Iron Field /// Lee Ufan

Milk Carton /// Maho Takahashi

Botanic Gardens /// Kengo Kuma

Risk off ///

Words are not enough ///

Make Contact /// 2016

Did you miss me? I missed you all. I promise to make contact this year.

Dita Polaroid /// Araki

As one of Japan’s greatest and most controversial photographers, Nobuyoshi Araki is influenced by Shunga, the erotic art of the Edo period (1603 – 1867). In addition, the glossy imagery of contemporary culture has an enormous impact on much of his work, as Araki’s unabashedly confronts taboo subjects such as sex, nudity and death. Subjects … Continue reading

Whitelabel 4th Anniversary /// BY INVITATION ONLY

Come celebrate four exceptional years of bespoke remixes, edits and jams. The Whitelabel Soundsystem‘s blend of Soul, Funk, Disco, Alternative & House will definitely get your groove on…or your money back. In the spirit of Giant Steps (New York) and Good Times (London), stop standing there by the speakers and let’s get it on. The … Continue reading

Supreme Skateboards /// Damien Hirst

Available at Other Criteria

Leviathan /// Anish Kapoor

The British sculptor Anish Kapoor yesterday became the fourth artist to meet the challenge of occupying all 13,500sq m of the nave of the Grand Palais in Paris with a single work of art. “To me, art should also be about taking risks, about going to places where no one has been before,” he said. … Continue reading